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Spoiler alert! We're about to dig into the biggest, most jaw-dropping moments from Monday night's TV. If you haven't yet watched a particular show, and don't want to be spoiled, skip to the next!

How I Met Your Mother: A slew of former guest stars returned for the CBS sitcom's stroll down memory lane as Robin revealed her top five favorite exes of Ted's: including Sarah Chalke as Stella and Ashley Williams as Victoria, with Robin saying "the pastry chef was the best." Awww. Robin's other favorites? The Slutty Pumpkin ('Sup, Katie Holmes?!), Zoe and Marshall (Remember when they pretended to be a couple?!).

The Following: Just when you thought Ryan would be able to move on from Claire, his new love interest Lily, the woman who survived the attack on the subway in the premiere, turned out to be one of Joe Carroll's followers. OK, so the fact  that yet another character turned out to be a cult member wasn't surprising (At this point, we suspect even the extras in the background to be followers...and our mailman); what was shocking about Lily is that she is actually the psycho twins' mother! Gah!

But that wasn't the only twisted family moment that went down in the episode: Mandy killed her mother Judy in order to protect Joe! Do we smell a daddy-daughter killer duo? Yep, and it smells creepy.

Castle: "I don't even want us to wait until the fall." That's right, Beckett has decided she can't wait until September to marry Castle, revealing she wants a spring wedding. Could we be getting a Caskett wedding in the season finale?! Fingers crossed!

Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty and the Beast: RIP Tori! The CW drama's she-beast died in tonight's episode, thanks to Tony Barnes' experiments to replicate Muirfield's serum, which were intended for Vincent. Trying to get back into Vincent's good graces after an argument, Tori attempted to rescue his BFF J.T. after he had been kidnapped, not knowing it was a trap. Tori died in Vincent's arms, saying he and Cat belonged together. Sure, "VinCat" fans weren't exactly fond of Tori, but you couldn't help but feel sorry for the girl, no? 

Teen Wolf: Stiles is the big bad! We repeat: Stiles is the big bad! Well, sort of. You see, there are 13 different kinds of kitsune, but only one is evil: the nogitsune, a dark spirit that is possessing our favorite sidekick. Even worse for our dear Stiles? After checking himself into the hospital, Mama McCall checked his mother's medical records only to find that Mrs. Stilinski suffered from all the symptoms (hallucinations, insomnia, etc.) that Stiles is currently experiencing. 

The Bachelor: Juan Pablo went all the way with one of the ladies! Juan Pablo then regretted going all of the way with one of the ladies! Read our recap of the drama-filled episode here

What did you watch on Monday night? Sound off in the comments!

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