Holy Schmidt! Max Greenfield Is Coming to The Mindy Project—Find Out Who He's Playing

New Girl star will play a player...But will he come between Mindy and Danny?

By Kristin Dos Santos Feb 03, 2014 11:20 PMTags

Gentlemen, lock up your ladies. Schmidt's on the move!

Max Greenfield—a k a New Girl's resident ladykiller/tiny nipple man—has signed on to guest star on The Mindy Project, E! News has learned.

He'll play Lee, a hot player at a bar who is up to no good, in an episode that is tentatively set for April 22 on Fox. The Mindy Project returns April 1: You have the date circled in puffy paint, yes? With glitter? Good.

Now, as long as the aforementioned "no good" doesn't mean Max's character will be coming between Mindy (Mindy Kaling) and Danny (Chris Messina), we give this casting an A++. Not only will this episode with Greenfield air right after New Girl, and hopefully lure some of that audience over to Mindy's charms, but the fan-favorite actor also will be seen in March as Deputy Leo in the Veronica Mars movie, which clearly has a wee-bit-dedicated fanbase. Once again, Mindy Kaling proves she's the smartest girl in the room.

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So what else lies ahead on The Mindy Project?

When we last saw Mindy and Danny in the show's winter finale, the two shared a heart-stopping PDA moment: A super-sexy kiss. On a plane. With butt grabbery.  And it happened after Danny helped Mindy pen the perfect letter to win back her boyfriend Cliff (Glenn Howerton).

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"Right before the kiss, Mindy sent an email to Cliff to try to win him back, so our spring premiere will be dealing with the consequences of bad timing," Kaling teased to E! News.

Upcoming guest stars include Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Anna Gunn and the return of Bill Hader.

"Our first two episodes back are titled ‘French Me, You Idiot' and ‘Indian BBW'. It's just super funny and racy stuff," Kaling told E! News. Check out our full interview with Mindy for more Mindy Project scoop!