Shaun Phillips

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

Dear Denver Broncos fans: Yikes. Sorry.

Trust us, we were rooting for them, too, so we know the frustration and pain you must feel. This was supposed to be a great game! The No. 1 defense versus the No. 1 offense! But apparently the part of the Denver Broncos was played by a second-string JV team. That's right, even a first-string JV team could have probably put up more than eight points. There is no way to get around it, Broncos fans. That sucked big time.

But we have something that will make you feel better. And it's from Twitter. Yes, Twitter is often full of moronic people posting gibberish and garbage, but this time it really will put your broken spirit back together.

Broncos defensive end Shaun Phillips posted a text conversation he had with this son Jaylen after the game. Jaylen knew just the right thing to say to his dad after that brutal loss to the Seattle Seahawks, and it managed to make Shaun perk right back up:

Is that not the cutest post-Super Bowl text exchange you've ever read? And Denver folks need a little bit of that heart-warming adoration after the loss they endured. Because even airlines are making jokes about the Super Bowl at Denver's expense. We're not sure if this was really posted by Virgin America, but if it was…wow:

But let's just focus on Shaun and his son being adorable. We're also glad they can hang out now. Of course, we wish they were hanging out while checking out his new Super Bowl ring, but we'll get 'em next year.

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