JC Penny, Tweeting with Mittens


If you were on Twitter last night because you don't care about the Super Bowl or because you stopped caring about this Super Bowl after the first quarter when it became the most boring football game ever or because you are just incapable of living in the moment, you probably saw JCPenney retweeted into your feed.

(Because nobody actually follows JCPenney on Twitter, right? Everyone saw these on RTs, yeah?)

And you were like, "I've been drunk, but I've never been JCPenney drunk!"

Everyone loves a funny drunk (especially when you don't have to take care of them later in the night), which may explain why the tweets were retweeted almost 40k times. People wondered whether JCPenney had been hacked or if someone would be getting fired this morning. Though most people just responded, "Whaaaat?"

"We know football goes great with Coors Light, but please tweet responsibly," Coors retweeted at JCPenney. Meanwhile, Kia's account asked JCPenney if they needed a designated driver, and Snickers said, "Eat a Snickers. You're not you when you're hungry." 

But jokes on them. Because JCPenney was just tweeting with mittens (uh, we mean: #TweetingWithMittens).

"Oops...Sorry for the typos. We were ‪#TweetingWithMittens," JCPenney continued. "Wasn't it supposed to be colder? Enjoy the game! ‪#GoTeamUSA"

Yes, it was all a marketing stunt and JCPenney's social media team was "stone-cold-sober."

"We knew Twitter would be very active but wanted to find a way to stay above the Super Bowl fray and instead create our own narrative," a JCPenney spokeswoman explained to BuzzFeed. "Given it was cold, and we are selling Go USA mittens—we thought it could be a fun stunt!" 

Womp wooooooooooomp. 

Maybe next year JCPenney's stunt will be that they're actually drunk. Fingers crossed. (Oh, and their Olympics Go USA Mittens were originally $14 but are now on sale for only $9.99! Now you too can appear drunk when you're not!)

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