Kim Kardashian


A teenager who attempted to illegally transfer money from Kim Kardashian's bank account has been sentenced to serve time in a federal prison.

Luis Flores, Jr. gained access to the reality star's finances and personal information, including her social security number and credit card numbers.

The 19-year-old ordered replacement credit cards and requested they be sent to his address in Florida, leading Secret Service agents directly to him.

Flores' mother, Kyah Green, was involved in the massive identity scheme as well.

Green was sentenced to three years of probation on top of her jail sentence because she lied to authorities in an attempt to cover up her son's fraudulent activity.

Flores and Green were able to access, and subsequently draw from, bank accounts from some of the richest and most famous in the country.

Bill Gates, Paris Hilton and even Beyoncé were targeted in the scheme, while Vice President Joe Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama were also named in the court documents as victims.

Authorities claim that after obtaining credit card numbers, Flores would request replacement cards be sent to his home address in Lake Mary, Fl.

He and his mother would then draw cash at ATMs from the cards.

Throughout the extensive investigation, federal agents became aware of the fact that Flores' SunTrust bank account was suspended for suspected fraud after two wire transfers totaling around $71,000 from Kris Jenner's bank account.

Both Flores and Green plead guilty in October to credit card fraud and aggravated identity theft.

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