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We're not going to waste your precious time with a long-winded introduction today—we both know why you're here. We've got amazing spoilers from Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon a Time, Reign, Arrow and so much more. And you? Well you're just looking to inhale as many steamy spoilers as possible to get you over this case of the Monday's as quickly as possible. We completely understand.

Prepare to be delighted and dazzled TV lovers…

Angelique: What's going on with Spencer in Pretty Little Liars? I'm starting to really worry about her…
You should be! We've all seen our Spencer fall down the crazy hole in the past, but the stress of uncovering Ali's secrets have put her on a very dangerous path. In the highly anticipated noir-themed episode, executive producer Joseph Dougherty tells us that Spencer's struggles are "very different from her troubles with Toby." The PLL boss continues, "Where Aria's danger has always been being possibly too romantic, Spencer's danger may be being too analytical." We're only going to say two things about the noir episode: First, it's amazing and incredible and you're going to want to watch it over and over again—especially the scenes with Ali. And second, Spencer struggles with whether or not she should reveal the truth to Aria. 

Rebecca: Gimme that Grey's Anatomy scoop!
Paging Dr. Lebackes! We'd like to welcome you to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital—well, for a little while at least. There's a new character coming into the mix and Oliver Lebackes will make his doctor debut later this season in episode 18. All you need to know is that this forty-something fella is funny, caring and maybe just a little too confident with his work, but overall he's a sweetie and we can't wait to meet him!

Naya: I'm kind of in love with Mom. Please tell me about something fun coming up.
Prepare to be transported back to the drama of high school because we're about to meet the brattiest brat of Violet's class. Cinnamon (Ugh, we can't stand her already) is one of Violet's friends, but we think that frenemy is a more appropriate title. We'll meet her in episode 18 and you won't believe what hilarious things Christy says about sweet little Cinnamon. 

Cody M.: So excited Roy is finally part of Team Arrow, even if Oliver doesn't want to call it that!
So are we. Colton Haynes, too, who tells us it's "fun to work will all the different personality dynamics between everybody" on the team, adding that Roy adds a new dynamic as "everyone's kind of sassy and quippy," and he's, well, not. Of course, Haynes, who is BFFs with Emily Bett Rickards, says having Roy and Felicity in the same room is "fun" and quite comedic. 

Ben Savage, Danielle Fishell, Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, Boy Meets World


I'm 25, but I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm counting down the days until Girl Meets World finally premieres. Got any new news?
Oh we know exactly how you feel, fellow Corry and Topanga lover! In an upcoming episode, adorably entitled, "Girl Meets Friendship," our shining star Riley will be introduced to the super cool new kids in town. Zay is handsome, charming, street smart and an all-around likeable guy. To be quite honest, he sounds a lot like a mini Shawn! Hmm, maybe this episode should be changed to, "Girl Meets Boyfriend,"…

Michelle: Loved that Mary's ladies got more to do in last week's ep of Reign! What's coming up for Lola, Greer and Kenna on Reign?
How about some fresh spoilers on each lady-in-waiting? For Lola, Laurie McCarthy teases, "she's the first of our girls to be really driven to find a husband," so expect some new love interests. Greer, of course, will "continue with Leith…their affection for each other will deepen into love and it really becomes just more impossible the deeper they go, with explosive results," McCarthy previews. As for Kenna, well, the former mistress to the King will "continue to get herself into trouble. She remains involved with the king," but an "arranged marriage" is on the horizon.



I'm in desperate need of Once Upon a Time spoilers please!
It's time to get to know Daddy dearest a little bit more. We all know that Snow White is the daughter of the great King Leopold, but have you ever wondered what the ruler was like before he became the father to the fairest lady in the land? When the magical drama finally returns after it's wickedly long hiatus, we'll be treated to a flashback starring young Prince Leopold. Did we mention that he's single in these scenes? Get ready to watch the charming lad's quest to find a suitable queen for the kingdom. Fingers crossed it'll be like of a royal version ABC's other hit series, The Bachelor

You guys never have any Mike and Molly scoop. What gives?
Pack your bags and bring all those lucky charms you have stashed around your house, we're headed to the casino! We're not going to tell you exactly where our favorite couple will be gambling, but we can tell you that this vacation is definitely going to be one Mike and Molly will never forget. 

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