RadioShack's Super Bowl Commercial Brings In (Almost) Every '80s Star, and It's Totally Awesome

Hulk Hogan. Erik Estrada and Alf were among the icons who charged the store

By Jenna Mullins Feb 03, 2014 12:56 AMTags
Alf, Chucky, Radio ShackShawn Frederick/Radio Shack

Awesome! Tubular! Far-out! (Other '80s phrases!)

Even though it's not even halftime yet in the 2014 Super Bowl, RadioShack already aired what might be one of the best comercials of the night.

As a little nod to the fact that most people think the electronic store is basically obsolete, two RadioShack employees got a call from the '80s, because the decade wanted their store back.

So a hoard of iconic '80s stars burst through the doors to take back all the out-of-date technology. Hulk Hogan, Alf, Erik Estrada, Dee Snider, Chucky from the Child's Play franchise, Kid 'N Play, and even Bubo, the owl from Clash of the Titans stormed the store. Gang was all there!

So now that the '80s has stolen back the old RadioShack (by riding off in a DeLorean, of course), a newer, sleeker RadioShack can emerge, aka, kind of looks like an Apple store.

Watch the totally radical spot below. Takes you back, doesn't it?