Cat Playing in Snow


The South may not have been prepared for the snowstorm that came earlier this week, but the silver lining to all that is this video of a cat experiencing snow for the first time. Doesn't that make you feel good inside?

Because of the snow that hit the Southern states, cats like Sophie in Alabama can achieve a dream they never even knew they wanted. And that dream is frolicking in the snow. Seeing as she's never seen this cold, powdery substance before, Sophie is understandably skeptical about stepping in it. 

But eventually, she goes from skeptical to intrigued to playful to "I wanna fight this stuff!" in the span of ten seconds. It's the perfect video to kick your weekend off right. Because if this cat can enjoy this small amount of snow this much, then maybe we can enjoy a regular ol' weekend. So if you're doing something boring over the next couple of days, just think of Sophia the cat, running around with unbridled enthusiasm over the fact that she's experiencing something wonderful for the first time.

Thank you, Sophie, for teaching us to never let go of our child-like wonderment.

(H/T Gawker)

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