Supermodel Naomi Campbell has a whole lot goin' on these days, especially with her role as coach and mentor on Oxygen's The Face. But the British beauty took time out to chat with E!'s Alicia Quarles about the show's second season.

"We like drama, right?" declared Naomi. "When we're filming The Face, I'm not thinking about drama, but I am who I am. Will I fight to the bitter end for the girls and will I be their protector? Absolutely, 100 percent."

The model also responded to being compared to Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum as fellow supermodels who have turned to television. "I respect Tyra and Heidi," she said. "I think what they've done is amazing, and they've lead the way."

And even though Naomi has been in the business for decades, even she still battles pre-show jitters. "I'm nervous before I step on any runway, no matter how long I've been doing this career," she said. "A shoe could break, your dress could fall down…you could slip. Anything could happen!"

The second season of The Face premieres on Oxygen, March 5 at 10pm ET/PT.

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