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Is everyone all right?

This was a huge week for TV, and we just wanted to stage a small screen check-up to see how everyone is holding up. We're a hot mess over here: We have whiplash from that shocking twist in American Horror Story: Coven's season finale, a cold from Pretty Little Liars' chilling reveal and we're still bawling over those heartbreaking episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Parks and Rec.

Let's reflect on this week's best TV moments and try to get through this together…and obviously, spoilers ahead!

American Horror Story: Coven's season finale finally revealed their supreme and it was...Cordelia Goode! Misty died trying to complete the Seven Wonders, Kyle strangled Madison to death and in the end, Queenie and Zoe helped Cordelia reach out to young witches all across the nation. On The Following, Joe Carroll performed his first kill of the season, and dare we say, it looked like he totally enjoyed himself!

Over in CW land, The Vampire Diaries' brought back dark Damon when Katherine (posing as Elena in her body) brutally broke things off with the Salvatore brother, sending Damon into a dangerous and deadly spiral. His first act back as bad Damon? He and Enzo killed Aaron Whitmore. On The Originals, one of Klaus' past demons literally came back from the dead to haunt him. However the biggest shocker of the night was when Marcel revealed that long ago, in his desperate attempt to be with Rebekah and free from Klaus, he was the one that summoned Mikael to New Orleans to hunt down his son. That's way harsh, Tai.

Reign makes our hearts melt like popsicles on the Fourth of July each and every week and Thursday night's episode was more of the same. Bash and Mary shared their first real kiss (complete with blood!) and he sweetly told his lady love, "If I'm married to you, you'll be my family. I'll be in it for you, only you." As for Arrow? Super-strength Roy was invited to the Arrow's inner circle and he finally discovered Oliver's crime-fighting secrets.

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Pretty Little Liars' shocked fans with a mind-blowing revelation when Spencer discovered that Ezra—aka A—is also "Boardshorts." That's right, we got a flashback to a time when Ali was alive and saw that she and Ezra were getting pretty hot and heavy in bar. Wait, wasn't she like 14 when she died? How was she in a bar? (Editor's note: also, Ezra? Find a girl your own age!) The Big Bang Theory welcomed not one, but two Star Wars stars James Earl Jones (Darth Vader) andCarrie Fisher (Princess Leia) in their Comic Con-themed episode and Parks and Rec made us cry 16 times when we said goodbye to Ann and Chris. And on Teen Wolf, we learned that our beloved Stiles might be evil, or at the very least he was the one who wrote the message to Barrow about killing Kira.

Earlier in the week, The Bachelor's Sean Lowe officially put a ring on it when he and his reality show beauty, Catherine Giudici, tied the knot in a lavish live television event. The ceremony was gorgeous, but do you think it compares to TV's Top Weddings? Meanwhile on The Blacklist, Red finally discovered that Diane Fowler has been the mole this entire time and to punish her for her devious deeds he shot her twice. So long, Diane!

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Just look at that mini How I Met Your Mother swoon! Truly adorable, no? After everything we've learned about the mother in this week's jam-packed 200th episode, we think it's safe to say that she is definitely the peanut butter to Ted's jelly.

Thanks for watching with us this week! Now hit the comments with your favorite TV moments, and have a fantastic weekend!

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