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Inspired by Pink's epic performance at the Grammys, perhaps?

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian took their workout routines to new heights today—literally—by trying aerial acrobatics, the hoops-and-ropes-utilizing sport/art form that Pink has made a fixture of her stage act.

And scored herself a ridiculous(ly amazing) body while doing so!

"Kourt and I tried some aerial workouts today! A first for us!!! #getitright #GetItTight," Khloé wrote on Instagram

Kourtney was apparently all recovered from her trip to the dentist, the aftermath of which Khloé captured on Keek yesterday to her great amusement (and Kourt's good-natured annoyance).

The sisters looked to be having a blast, both of them taking turns attaining lift-off on the hoop and stretchy purple aerial silk, known technically as a hammock among the circus set.

"For some reason this ring workout made me hysterically laugh!!!" Khloé captioned another montage of pics.

She and Kourtney were spotted leaving the gym afterward, toting water bottles and looking pretty darn pleased with themselves.

Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian


From the looks of both, be it the smokin' hot pics of Kourtney in a bikini taken during her recent trip to Mexico or the way Khloé rocked a striped crop top at her Las Vegas appearance last weekend, this new workout venture is obviously just to add some icing to the already pretty impressive cake.

But won't it be fun to watch their progress on Instagram as they reach loftier goals every time?!

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