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What's better than having your cake and eating it too? Having your cake on the set of Bones with three incredibly handsome men surrounding you, that's what!

Enlisted, Fox's freshman comedy, will celebrate a milestone event tonight: their fourth episode. Oh yes, it's a very big deal. In fact, to make sure that this momentous occasion does not get overlooked, Geoff Stults and Parker Young have prepared a bromantical celebration with Bones' David Boreanaz—they just forgot to tell him that he was invited.

We've snagged you an exclusive (and hilarious!) look at the Enlisted boys' overzealous bragging as they crash the Bones set and disrupt Boreanaz in the middle of, what looked to be, a very important scene. Warning: There's an excessive amount of shouting, woo-hooing, and chest-bumping ahead…

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"I'm about to buy a Maserati!" Stults enthusiastically exclaims as he and Young stop production on the long-standing Fox drama to show off their huge cake. When Boreanaz asks what's going on, the Enlisted star proudly explains, "Oh what's up dude? We're just celebrating our fourth episode of Enlisted. Boom!"

The cake, which reads, "Congratulations Enlisted 4 Episodes" in red, white and blue frosting, seems a little excessive to the Bones star—especially since the crime procedural was just renewed earlier this week for a 10th season. Maybe David should be the one with the cake!

Take a look at the adorable clip above to find out how the Enlisted boys react when they discover how many years Bones has been thriving on the air. Plus, do you think Young could ever play Booth's younger brother? We certainly think so!

Bones airs Fridays at 8 p.m. with Enlisted right after at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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