Ranea Crabtree, Victoria's Secret Sexy

Victoria's Secret

Because she's a grown ass woman and she can do whatever she wants here in 'Merika! Also, because her parents gave her the worst name that any human being can ever be given: Sheila.

Raena Crabtree (née Sheila, but she has been using her middle name since she was a teenager) says she "absolutely hates" her birth name. "It's just one of those names that I can't stand," she explained to My Fox 19.

This anecdote should show you how deeply she hates the name:

Crabtree's 15-year-old daughter told [The Toronto Sun] she doesn't know why her mom hates the name Sheila so much, but even though she finds the whole thing funny, she knows not to call her mom by her real first name or she'll be grounded.

(Yeah, she is a mother of two. But not like a regular mom, she's a cool mom.)

"I hate the fact that I have been cursed with it," she continues. "My mom gave me my middle name of Ranea and my dad gave me my ugly name." And those potential daddy issues have led to her new name choice:

Sexy. Which would officially make her name Sexy Crabtree.

Ranea Crabtree


Raena will go before a judge in Licking County, Ohio (LOL Licking County) next month to legalize the name change. All she has to do is pay a minimal court fee, run a notice in the newspaper and plead a "reasonable and proper cause" for the change.

That cause?

"I do wear a lot of Victoria's Secret clothes and my husband calls me sexy all the time," she says. "I really want to do Sexy, because it's kind of like my personality. I just love to be adventurous, have fun and do all kinds of things."

Sounds...uh, reasonable?

There's a possibility the judge may deny the name change. Denials commonly occur if the name change is wanted for legal reasons (because the person is a sexual predator, etc.) or if it is taken by a historical or pop culture figure (Santa Claus, Jesus Christ, etc.) Still, Raena has a backup:

"If he denies it, I'm just going to go for Sparkle." Oh, just Sparkle. Sparkle Crabtree, a real human being.

(H/T Jezebel)

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