Cutest Kitten Going Crazy


We suggest muting this video to enjoy the adorable kitten, because the background noise is questionable at best and just downright creepy at worst.

But honestly, who really cares about that when there is a little fluffy cat trying to figure out what his reflection is? You'd think that the first time this guy saw himself in the mirror he would fall over from the sight of his sweet, sweet face. But no, this cat wants to fight!

And we've never seen a creature go from confused to angry so quickly. Well, we've seen it before with certain celebrities, but that's not something we want to bring up now because look at the kitten! The poses and shapes he makes with his body border on exorcism-like, but mostly he wants to beat the crap out of that other cat in the mirror. It doesn't work out as planned, but his attempts mean pure joy-watching for us.

Watch the video below and try to pick your favorite moment. You can't! It's all animal gold.

(H/T Daily Picks and Flicks)

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