Anne Hathaway, Sundance

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for GREY GOOSE

Anne Hathaway is continuing to open up about all her haters.

The 31-year-old actress, who disappeared from the spotlight for a while after her Oscar win in Feb. 2013, said she knows there are people out there who don't like her.

Speaking to MTV News at the Sundance Film Festival, Hathaway was asked why she decided to return with her new film Song One.

"We had been working on the script for two years before we actually started shooting," she dished. "All of the elements came together in that moment. I don't want to bring up a sore subject or anything—I think my publicist is probably like, 'No, no no'—but I had just taken a little bit of a beating from the Internet."

She continued, "And it was the greatest thing in the world to get to work with my friends and get to go to work every day and bring Kate's vision to life, which is a vision that I believe in. I felt like it was really cool. I felt like I had a secret."

Last week, Hathaway opened up about the same topic of why she stayed out of the public eye after last awards season. "My impression is that people needed a break from me," she said.

Hathaway also opened up about her Song One role.

"And it's a very different film than [Les Misèrables], but I don't play a singer or a musician—I play an anthropologist," she clarified to HuffPost. "So, I don't think it would have felt organic at all if all of a sudden [her character] Franny had this secretly honed talent. So, it was fun to get to sing and to find a place in my voice that it sounded like it was untrained and tentative and shy. But, I thought, you know, she comes from a musical family so she probably has a nice voice, but just isn't a singer."

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