Xander the blind service dog

Xander the Pug lost his eyes when he was little. But he never lost his positive outlook on life.

The two-year-old dog suffered a head injury when he was just a puppy that resulted in both of his eyes being removed and respiratory issues that challenge his sleep. His owner then left him at a shelter.

"He" explains on his website:

At ten months old, my owners put me in the car and I was excited that we were going for an outing together. We got out of the car and entered a building; I met some new friends that were giving me lots of TLC. Then I heard the door close, and the familiar sound of the car starting and driving away. Did they forget me!?!

But after all that pain, Xander found a happy ending at the Klamath Animal Shelter In Oregon, especially when Marcie and Rodney Breedy met and adopted him. They saw something special in Xander.

Xander the blind service dog

"I began using my other senses, the love in my heart and my many blessings to brighten the days of everyone that I met," Xavier continues. He passed his Pet Partners exam and officially became a therapy dog.

On Xander's Facebook page, his owners explain that his mission "is to stop violence" but "will comfort the young and old" until then. Because of his charming and loving personality, he often works with victims of child abuse and spousal abuse. 

"I am the only four footed member of the Hospital Guild and I'm always on call for visits! I love to spend time with anyone who needs companionship, comfort or may be feeling lonely. I also help kids who are afraid of dogs overcome their fear," Xander says.

Xander the blind service dog

Owner Rodney told Buzzfeed, "A lot of times he'll hear a child crying at an event and he's bolted several times, at least 500 feet over to this child to comfort them."

And now all we want to do is give Xander a big hug. We feel like he wouldn't mind it either.

If you're touched by Xander's story, help out the Klamath Animal Shelter and donate

(H/T Laughing Squid)

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