Zac Efron: actor, super-hot hunk star!

The 26-year-old That Awkward Moment star stopped by Ellen DeGeneres' show this week and had a special gift prepared for her birthday.

"Zac told me during the break that he actually doesn't play the guitar but he learned to play guitar and wrote a song for me for my birthday," DeGeneres, who turned 56 on Jan. 26, said to the audience. "And so I'm going to hear a song that he's gonna sing."

Zac Efron, Ellen Degeneres Show

Ellen Degeneres Show

"I kind of thought like, what do you give somebody on their birthday that kind of has everything like you do," Efron said. "I don't really play guitar, and where's Taylor Swift when you need her, but I kind of just figured out how to play this last night."

Efron whipped out his guitar and began singer DeGeneres his happy birthday song as the audience clapped along.

"Well, that is sweet!" a beaming DeGeneres gushed once Efron was done playing. "Thank you so much."

"You didn't write that song," she added, to which Efron replied, "I know, that's Stevie Wonder."

Too cute. Watch Efron serenade DeGeneres for yourself!

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