Billy Bob Thornton to Join Entourage Movie—Plus, Find Out Which Iconic Character Vince Will Play!

Vince Chase is ready to take on a much darker role in the upcoming HBO flick

By Leanne Aguilera Jan 30, 2014 5:04 PMTags
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Step aside, Vincent Chase, there's a new A-lister coming to town.

Acting vet Billy Bob Thornton is in negotiations to join the star-studded cast of the Entourage movie, The Hollywood Reporter reports. The highly anticipated film, which brings Hollywood's favorite bromantical foursome back together, will feature the typical brigade of sexy women, wild parties and jaw-dropping shenanigans—but that's not all.

So long, Aquaman! It's time for Vince (Adrian Grenier) to step up his career and take on a much darker and iconic role. So which character will it be? Grab some garlic and pray for sunlight, because our favorite actor is growing fangs.

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In the HBO flick, Vince will be playing the lead in a high-budget Dracula film. Hmm, we wonder how many women will be throwing themselves at the chance for Vince to suck their blood. Tying into the plot, Thornton will portray a billionaire cowboy turned film financer, who is fronting the cash for the vampire's newest box office adaption. 

In order to keep an eye on his investment, Thornton's character will send his twentysomething son out to L.A., thus creating the perfect way to shake up the dynamics between Vince, E (Kevin Connolly), and the rest of the gang.

The big-screen continuation, which also stars Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Dillon and Jeremy Piven, has already started filming in various parts of Los Angeles and is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2015.