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"Hello, Caleb."

Prepare to fall in love with us, Haleb fans. Why, you ask? Oh, no big deal—we've just snagged you an exclusive first look at Hanna's (Ashley Benson) highly anticipated reunion with Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) in Ravenswood. Please feel free to send your gifts of gratitude to the E! Studios in L.A.

In next Tuesday's sure-to-be shocking season finale of Ravenswood, our little liar is back roaming the ultra-creepy streets of TV's spookiest town and she's got one very important mission on her mind: getting as many answers as possible. Hey, can you blame her? A girl can only hear "It's complicated" so many times before she full-on loses it.

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In our exclusive clip above, the four living pact members are having a serious pow-wow in the coffee shop when Hanna breezes into the conversation like a breath of impeccable-dressed fresh air. (Side-note: taken-by-surprise Caleb is probably the most adorable of all the Calebs!)

After some brief introductions to the group, and some romantical glances (Are we the only ones who saw that?), Hanna drops a bomb: "Where's Miranda?" she sweetly, yet territorially asks. Ruh-roh! Time to fess up Mr. Rivers…

We recently sat down with Hanna's former beau, Tyler Blackburn, and he promised us that Caleb is finally going to start spilling the truth in this final episode.

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ABC FAMILY/Patti Perret

"Caleb offers a lot of answers and then it's up to her to decide for herself if this guy is insane," he said with a laugh. "And no more, 'It's complicated,' luckily, because I don't want to say that one more time. Between PLL and Ravenswood I'm like, 'Dang! This guy's life is complicated!'

Hanna will indeed learn the truth, but we cannot tell you whether or not she will actually be able to see our favorite gorgeous ghost. However, we can reveal that she and Miranda will be sharing a number of scenes together.

Although we're thrilled that our beloved Haleb is reuniting, we've got to be honest: We seriously cannot get over that hair! So rather than accepting the truth—that this was filmed in PLL's off-season and Ashley's hair was too dark and short, so she used a wig—we're going to believe that Hanna stopped off at a hair salon in an attempt to win her man back with some extremely long and luscious locks. You do you, girl.

Ravenswood's season finale airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.

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