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"What is that stuff falling from the sky?! Devils dust! The devil is falling from the sky!"

That's how we imagine the people in the south reacted when it started snowing. And how can you blame them? The south, specifically Atlanta and Florida, were grossly unequipped to handle the weather. It was bad. Real bad. Like, Justin Bieber's last few months bad.

In Atlanta, it started snowing so the mayor decided to release everyone from work and school at the same time. Who can guess what happened next?

Gridlock. We're talking people stuck for hours and hours on the roads. People started actually abandoning their vehicles to either try and walk home, or they had to take shelter overnight in places like CVS and Home Depot. Cats and dogs living together! Mass hysteria!

Many Atlanta residents compared it to The Walking Dead, meaning that two inches of snow in that city basically brings on the zombie apocalypse: 

And the polar vortex even made its way down to Florida. Look at the horrible things the Sunshine state had to endure:

You're going to have to scrape that off. It'll be hard labor. But it's necessary for survival!

Snow on the deck? That's going to take literally minutes to melt!

You can barely see the grass! Time to panic!

But at least there's enough snow to make...whatever those things are.

And while all this is going on, the Midwest and the North is dealing with temperatures that are well into the negatives. They're also probably laughing a bit at Atlanta and Florida for their utter failure at handling the weather appropriately. Or they would be laughing, if they weren't too busy crying over how cold it is outside:

In all seriousness (which you know is something we're not fond of), everyone stay safe, no matter how much snow you get. Don't plunge this country into an episode of The Walking Dead.

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