Olivier Martinez , Bristol Farm Baguette


Olivier Martinez is at it again.

The French actor was back at Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills to get his hands on his favorite carb delivery system, a loaf of bread, to satisfy a seemingly endless craving for baguette after baguette.

Yes, the handsome, "Dark Tide" star was spotted again at his favorite supermarket Monday with a baguette in hand. We have yet to determine if all of the baguettes are for him or his wife, Halle Berry, but we do know he looks like he's kind of obsessed! (Note the fact that it appears he's already started eating this one!)

We have many photos of him with groceries and each time a baguette's been bagged.

The ooey-gooey goodness is often deemed one of the symbols of France. Moreover, baguette literally means "wand," in French.

And we can state, without question, the 48-year-old seems to find them magically delicious.

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