Eric & Jessie, EP 104

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner and lots of ladies are already cheering on one special football stud.

Yes, we're talking about Eric Decker!

The star of Eric and Jessie: Game On has gained tons of new fans for his attributes both on and off the field. Sure, he's having the best football season of his career on the Denver Broncos. But have you seen him with his wife, Jessie James? They're absolutely adorable together.

Before you start claiming to be Eric's biggest and bestest fan Sunday afternoon, we're here to deliver the truth. Here are 11 reasons to prove Jessie really is Eric's biggest cheerleader.

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Eric & Jessie, 101

11. She can always make Eric laugh

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

10. Her prayers that Eric will do well are always answered 

Eric & Jessie, EP 103
Eric & Jessie, EP 103

9. When it comes to sports, Jessie will always let her man win

Eric & Jessie, EP 103

8. She sings him sweet country songs and even dedicated a music video to him

Eric & Jessie, EP 104

7. Jessie misses her main man all the time...literally all the time

Eric Decker


6. When Eric is away, she's the best pet sitter a guy can ask for

Eric & Jessie, Finale

5. Sorry ladies but in Eric's opinion, she gives the best kisses

Eric Decker, Instagram

4. No matter how busy her schedule is, Jessie always makes it to the football games 

Jessie James, Eric Decker

Al Pereira/Grant Halverson/Getty Images

3.  She also looks pretty hot in his jersey

Jessie James, Eric Decker


2. Even if she goes into labor during the game, Jessie won't interrupt Eric's time to shine. "Keep playin! I wouldn't tell him," she told a Twitter follower. 

Eric Decker, Jessie James

Courtesy: Jody and Zach Zorn

1. And finally, they're husband and wife! Of course they're each other's biggest fans...Duh!

 Watch an all new season of Eric and Jessie: Game On this March only on E! 

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