Anna Faris will be rooting for the Seattle Seahawks when the NFL players take on the Denver Broncos at Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, Feb. 2. The Moms star, 37, explained how her Washington-based family plans to cheer on its home team during a Tuesday, Jan. 28, appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

"I'm sure there's going to be a lot of beer involved, knowing my family, so that's always good," said the actress, married to Chris Pratt since 2009. "We have a little Seahawks jersey that we got for our baby son, Jack, and we lost it. We were convinced that that meant [we jinxed the team]—because you know how you do, it becomes all about yourself. We ordered him a new one, so I think we're looking good."

Parks and Recreation star Pratt has been coaching Faris on the ins and outs of the NFL in preparation for the big game. "We're pretty excited. I wish I could say that I was an educated football fan. I'm learning! I'm learning!" the actress exclaimed. "Just this year, because of the Seahawks, my husband can tell me about two or three new rules a game that I can absorb. I have to write them down."

"Do you know how many points you get for a field goal?" host Jimmy Kimmel asked, quizzing his guest.

"Three," Faris replied confidently and accurately.

Sports talk aside, Faris also promoted her CBS sitcom during her interview with Kimmel. "I did a couple of small bits on Friends and Entourage, but this is my first show, and I'm just loving it. I love the people I work with, Allison Janney and Chuck Lorre. I'm just really proud of the show. It's touching and funny."

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