Prince George, Prince William, Kate Middleton

John Stillwell/PA Wire/Press Association via AP Images

The royals may need to brainstorm on some ways to get out of their financial troubles.

According to a report published by the Commons Public Accounts Committee on Monday, Jan. 27, Queen Elizabeth II has been overspending the royal family's famous fortune. The report states the royal family is "spending above their means and dipping into the reserves...the balance now stands at an all-time low."

So what can the palace do to help solve the problem? There are a few ways to go about it, but one option that isn't on the table, according to CNN Royal Commentator Victoria Arbiter, would be charging to see the Royals or even Kate Middleton and Prince William's adorable boy Prince George in person (What? You know you thought about it!).

"Never going to happen," Arbiter tells E! News. "We've only had a couple of photographs of Prince George and he just hit the six month mark."

Regardless, there are some possible solutions for the Royals.

"The Queen is always looking for ways to cut back," Arbiter adds. "There are going to be a number of suggestions put on the table. What has been incredibly successful, Buckingham Palace was originally opened in an effort to pay for the renovation of Windsor Castle following the fire in 1992. And it was such a successful venture that they decided to keep that going.

"That has been one way they have been quite creative in terms of raising revenue and that money does go to the upkeep of the palaces. So I think they are going to have to look at ways they can get creative in that way, whether that is opening up more palaces or more private rooms or more areas that have not been open to the public before."

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