President Barack Obama Delivers State of the Union: Joe Biden Points and Plays With His iPad, Plus More Things the Internet Has Noticed

Once again, #SOTU brings out the best and worst of the Internet

By Natalie Finn Jan 29, 2014 3:16 AMTags
Barack Obama, John Boehner, Joe BidenAlex Wong/Getty Images

When President Barack Obama delivers his annual State of the Union address, some members of the audience stand and applaud more than others. Some smile more than others. POTUS' message is often heard differently depending on whether the listener is Republican or Democrat.

But at least the entire Internet comes together as one to mark the occasion!

Not content with letting Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. John Boehner just sit behind Obama in various states of contentment and glee (Biden) or solemnity and  skepticism (an oft tongue-in-cheek Boehner), social media is having a field day with what those suit-clad gentlemen are up to.

And who they kinda look like perched on either side of the presidnet like that. Here's a sampling:


Capturing the moment or checking on his hair?


No wonder Biden is smiling. He's up all night to get lucky.


The pointing has a lot of folks concerned.


Alert New York: It's in serious trouble.