Jim Cantore


Warning: Do not mess with Jim Cantore when he's reporting on a winter storm.

A young man's attempt to gain 15 seconds of fame by videobombing Cantore on live television backfired when the Weather Channel veteran, who obviously is a guy prepared for a sudden change in atmospheric pressure, swiftly turned and responded with a knee to the kid's groin.

Now that's what we call a failed test of the emergency broadcast system!

"Obviously, here at the College of Charleston they are already having a good time," Cantore deftly quipped, showcasing yet another reason as to why he's known as the "Rock Star of Meteorologists."

The 49-year-old badass was reporting on the advance of Winter Storm Leon from the College of Charleston campus in South Carolina

Of course, the fact that the college student was hollering as he ran toward Cantore didn't help his sneak-attack any, but he'll certainly have his moment in the spotlight now.

Cantore, who also narrates the TWC series Storm Stories and has been called the "Rock Star of Meteorologists," hasn't yet offered his hindsight back on the incident.

The weather expert made waves about a week ago when he said in an interview with CNN that, in this day and age, people relied more on The Weather Channel than National Weather Service (from which those actual tests of the Emergency Broadcast System originate) for essential information about safety hazards, etc.

"I really think when you kind of look at The Weather Channel overall, and you think about what happens before a storm, whether you're an emergency manager's office, whether you're even at the National Weather Service or a local TV station, your first hint at what's to come is from The Weather Channel," he said while discussing a current dispute between DirecTV and TWC.

He later clarified what was perceived as a slight to the NWS, tweeting, "I hope everyone is aware of my respect for all in the weather community. If not, know it now."

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