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Minnie Driver is starring in NBC's About a Boy, has three movies and a third album coming out, and is an incredibly busy single mom. But the Oscar-nominated actress confessed to us she'd drop everything if she got a call from a certain TV show…

Downton Abbey.

"I would do Downton Abbey—tomorrow," Driver told us while promoting her new NBC show. "I'm waiting by the phone!"

And note to Downton boss Julian Fellowes: She's not even the slightest bit picky about her role!

"I don't care what I play," Driver  insisted. "I just want to be on the show. I want to be in it. I'm obsessed with it. I don't even mind if they kill me after one episode. I just love that show. It's the greatest soap opera on TV!"

What are you waiting for, Fellowes? Sign her up!

Driver also told us that she has yet to hear from Hugh Grant about signing on to NBC's About a Boy, a TV series based on the movie with Hugh and Toni Collette, which of course, was based on  the book by Nick Hornsby.

"I know Hugh, actually," Minnie said. " I'm sure he'll have something pithy and acerbic to say so I'll wait for that and then post it on Twitter."

"The film is one of my favorite films," Driver adds. "I can't encroach on beautiful Toni Collete—it's perfect. But the characters are amazing and you want to expand and keep going."

About a Boy comes from Friday Night Lights and Parenthood producer Jason Katims, and Minnie tells us she can relate somewhat to her character, Fiona, who is a single mother of a boy. Minnie, is also a single mother to 5-year-old Henry, tells us she doesn't have much else in common with Fiona, who is overprotective and a hardcore vegan.

"I have a quick mind, which Fiona does, but I'm not nearly as neurotic. And I'm not overprotective. Henry is very well versed in other people. He  introduced me to a new teacher at school the other day, and he said, ‘Hi, Missy Jenny! This is my girl!' Talking about me. He's five. So he's  probably more protective of me than the other way around."

And as for the meat…

"I'm not a vegan," Driver admits." But I went to a farm school. I used to have a pig. So I can't eat pigs. And I like lambs, so I can't eat them. And I used to have to milk cows, so I can't eat cows. But I don't mind if anybody else does. And I hate turkeys, so I eat them."

About a Boy premieres Friday, Feb. 21 before moving into its plum post-Voice timeslot on Tuesdays on Feb. 25.

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