Teddy the Porcupine, predicting Superbowl


Hey, all you gamblers out there. No need to fear your bookie, significant other and/or any family members you might be hiding your betting habit from. We're going to tell you who is set to win the 2014 Super Bowl this weekend in case you were planning to put all your life savings on it (or let's hope, not)! Well, to be clear, we aren't telling you who will win: It's Teddy the Talking Porcupine who is predicting it.

That's right, an adorable creature has chosen between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, and if it's one thing we know about porcupines, it's that they are scientifically proven to be right about sporting events.

You can watch the quick video below of his choice or you can scoll below the video and we'll just tell you who he picked.

He picked either the Broncos or the Seahawks. What? The video is less than a minute long! Just watch the damn thing, you lazy human. Did we mention that there's a cute porcupine in the video? Because there is.  

(H/T Jezebel)

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