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Editor's Note: Season six Bachelorette and E! News Correspondent Ali Fedotowsky is blogging exclusively on E! Online about the current season of The Bachelor, giving her reactions and spilling behind-the-scenes secrets.

It's week four and the girls made their way to South Korea! In this blog, I'm going to focus on a few that stood out to me...

Nikki: Many of you on Twitter seemed to think that Nikki became the villain of the season last night. I don't necessarily agree. Only a couple of the girls seemed to think she was negative, and I just didn't see it (from the footage we were shown). Honestly, if almost all of the girls thought she was a bad egg, then I'd say there's probably a good reason for it even if we aren't seeing it. Remember there are thousands of hours of footage, and we are only seeing a small part of each of these girls.

At this point in the season, I find Nikki to be incredibly real and I dig that about her. Yes, at the rose ceremony she should have given the others girls time with him first before she got time with him, but I totally understand wanting to spend SOME time with him. And honestly, at this point in the game, if you get sent home at a rose ceremony, a few minutes of his time wouldn't have made a difference. He has made up his mind at this point. I never went to one rose ceremony not knowing who to send home. Yeah, you have those last conversations to let them know that you care about them taking the time to be there, but already know in your heart who you're sending home.

Another reason I like Nikki, she told Juan Pablo that she was good at changing diapers when referring to Camilla. I'm pretty sure the Camilla doesn't wear diapers considering the fact the Camilla is 4 years old! Ha. Maybe she meant she'd change Juan Pablo diapers when they grow old together. Ok...I'm just getting weird now...

Sharleen: So I think she's totally weird, but completely awesome at the same time. She's a pragmatic thinker, with a very realistic view about what's going on around her. She's not getting swept up in Bachelor fantasyland and I think that's refreshing to see on this show. She wants to make sure that they have good chemistry, instead of just automatically thinking they have it.

However, I honestly think the language barrier might be an issue for her. It's obvious that she is a very intelligent woman and Juan Pablo is obviously very intelligent too (he speaks two languages!!!), but since his English isn't as strong as his Spanish, they aren't able to have the intense intellectual conversations that Sharleen is seeking. Case in point: when Sharleen told him he wasn't "bland," she compared him to all the gross food they ate earlier in the date. I really don't know if he understood what she was talking about. But at the end of the day, love is it's own language and if they're meant for each other, the language barriers won't matter.

The fact that Sharleen doesn't want kids is obviously a big deal breaker in the end, but good for her for telling the truth! Maybe she doesn't think she wants to be a mom, but if they fall in love, it won't matter. She'll end up becoming a mom without even realizing it. She'll love Camilla like her own because she loves Juan Pablo. Sharleen is still a front-runner in my mind… unless she sends herself home.

Clare and Lauren: So why did Juan Pablo kiss Clare and not Lauren? I think the reason is pretty obvious: He wasn't into Lauren. It's not that he doesn't want to kiss multiple girls, he just doesn't want to kiss A LOT of the girls. So he won't kiss a girl he isn't totally into, because he doesn't want to increase that number. I totally get it. I respect that he is trying to be a good role model for his daughter. Good for you, Juan Pablo!

Frontrunners: Based on everything that happened in week four, my top four girls are Andi, Nikki, Clare, and Sharleen. Juan Pablo used the "bella" line on both Sharleen and Andi and I kind of think that is his "tell sign." Kind of like how poker players have tell signs when they're bluffing. I think using the word "bella" shows us who Juan Pablo is really into right now. Even though Juan Pablo mentioned house drama to Nikki last night, I don't think he was directing it at her. So she's still one of my top choices. As for Sharleen, he flat out told us that she was his favorite right now. If she doesn't make it to the top four, I truly believe it'll be because she decides something is not right or continues to tell Juan Pablo she's not ready to be a mom.

THE BACHELOR, Juan Pablo Galavis

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Time for my favorite part of my blog, questions from my Twitter followers!

Riana (@rianalorraine) asks: "@alifedotowsky is there ever an option for the bachelor to say they need more time with a person before they decide who to send home?"
Absolutely. There is definitely a formula every season. If everything is always the same, things would get boring. The Bachelor producers actually like it when you switch things up. And they definitely want you to feel confident about all your choices. If Juan Pablo needed more time with a girl, they would make that happen. However, he probably couldn't do it every week. He's got to narrow is down as the shows goes on.

Kathy (@klshewmaker) asks: "@AliFedotowsky @eonline do you fly first class or coach?"
I chose to answer this question because no one has ever asked me this, so I thought it was a good question, Kathy! The Bachelor/Bachelorette flies business class. All of the contestants fly coach. Well this is how it was my season, things may have changed since then, but I doubt it.

Rachel (@rskybetter) asks: "@AliFedotowsky how did you go to the Grammy's and the wedding?? I think Hermione Granger is the only one capable of that."
I got sooo many tweets about this! I was at The Grammys for E! countdown shows all day, and then as soon as I was done, I jumped in my car and drove to Santa Barbara. It took less than 90 minutes to get there, but Kevin (my boyfriend) and I made it JUST in time!!! We were cutting it so close though. I had to change out of my Grammys dress and into the dress I wore at the wedding in the car!

Colleen (@cmbooth11) asks: "@AliFedotowsky are Bachelor couples required (contractually) to get married in Cali if they chose to have their wedding televised? #TheBachelor"
No. Back in the day when I was talking to ABC about potentially having a televised wedding, we were going to have it in Hawaii. But I think ABC prefers to have them in CA because it's easier to get the crew there, rather than flying everyone somewhere else. But they are 100% open to it; they just usually ask if CA is ok.

Thanks for all the great Twitter questions guys! I'm headed to Russia with E! News next Monday for the Olympics for 3 weeks, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to watch the show from there. If not, I'll expect updates from all of you when I get back, and I'll start blogging again. So follow me on Twitter at @AliFedotowsky because I could answer YOUR question in my next blog!

Until next time…


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