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Jenna Dewan, you better not mess with anything that might be going on between Mindy and Danny when you guest on The Mindy Project, you hear us?

E! News has confirmed Dewan-Tatum will play Brooke, a medical rep that has a past with Danny (Chris Messina). Entertainment Weekly first reported her casting.

When we last saw Mindy (Mindy Kaling), she was locking lips with Danny on an airplane, both of them on their way back to New York. This was after Danny helped Mindy pen the perfect letter to win back her boyfriend Cliff (Glenn Howerton).

The kiss was a long time coming.

"It used to be an open debate about 'if' these characters should ever kiss. As season two progressed and Danny and Mindy grew even closer, it became more of a discussion about 'when,'" Kaling told E! News. "There are only so many times two characters can almost-kiss before your audience begins to feel jerked around. We could have kept up the loaded tension between Danny and Mindy for a while longer, but I think at a certain point, the option that seemed the most fun to write was to have them kiss and deal with the comedic fallout for these characters. Also, my writing staff think Chris Messina's lips are like soft little pillow-magnets."

The Mindy Project is on a break until April 1—no, that's not an April Fools' Day joke—and when it returns, it will deal with the aftermath of the epic smooch.

"Right before the kiss, Mindy sent an email to Cliff to try to win him back, so our spring premiere will be dealing with the consequences of bad timing," Kaling said.

Upcoming guest stars, besides Dewan-Tatum, include Anna Gunn and the return of Bill Hader.

"Our first two episodes back are titled'‘French Me, You Idiot' and 'Indian BBW'. It's just super-funny and racy stuff," Kaling told E! News. Check out the full interview.

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