Andy Samberg Talks Babies, Marriage and More on Chelsea Lately

Joanna Newsom's husband, star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, explains why the singer-songwriter won't take his surname

By Zach Johnson Jan 28, 2014 12:16 PMTags

When Joanna Newsom married Andy Samberg in September 2013, the singer-songwriter legally took her husband's surname—but that's as far as she's willing to go. "I see you out all the time with your new wife. She's really pretty," Chelsea Handler told the Golden Globe-winning Brooklyn Nine-Nine star during the Monday, Jan. 27, episode of E!'s Chelsea Lately. "Is your wife a Jew, too?"

"She's not, no," the TV star replied. "She's a musician, though, so it doesn't matter."

Handler then asked, "Are you going to raise your kids Jewish? How do you decide what's going to happen with that?" Samberg explained that he and Newsom "haven't figured it out yet."

"Does she know that you're Jewish?" Handler joked.

"I mean, all she has to do is look at my face," Samberg said, smiling.

"You're pretty Jew-y looking," Handler conceded.

"I'm pretty Jew-y. And my last name is Samberg," the actor quipped. The reason Newsom is keeping her maiden name, Samberg explained, is because "she already has an established fan base and stuff. I told her not to [change it]. I was like, 'Don't ruin your cool name.'"

Jason Merritt/Getty Images for ELLE

"She's the musician and you've been nominated for a Grammy," Handler noted. "How did that happen?"

"We got nominated for a real Grammy for Rap Song Collaboration for 'I'm on a Boat' with T-Pain. And obviously, [it was] a huge honor," the Lonely Island rapper and former Saturday Night Live star explained. "But I will say, we showed up at the Grammys and we saw T-Pain, and we were like, 'Hey, man! We got nominated!' and he's like, 'Do you know how many f--king real songs I made this year? ' It's like, 'Ehh! The Grammys like white people!'"