Colton Haynes, Hunter Hayes

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Colton Haynes isn't just being mistaken for a Dior-wearing Jennifer Lawrence these days.

In fact, the hunky Arrow star has a whole new side gig going on thanks to a lot of confusion regarding his last name.

"I did add a trophy to my mantel last night, I'm not sure if you know," Haynes joked during a chat with E! News today. "So you know, lot of hard work. I did this without a label. I did this without a music agent. I just want to thank all the Hunter Hayes fans."

So apparently the twitterverse got Haynes confused with Hayes, the 22-year-old country singer who gave a much-buzzed-about performance of "Invisible" at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards last night (but, for the record, did not capitalize on his nomination for Best Country Solo Performance).

"This is dead serious," the 25-year-old Haynes told us when we asked just how many mentions he-as-Haynes got on Twitter last night.

"Every single time I opened my Twitter—I opened it probably, like, four times last night—I had 8,000 mentions," he said. "Which means I probably got, I'm not kidding, literally probably close to 20,000 mentions last night."

And this is a guy who knows about rabid Twitter fans, having been on Teen Wolf before Arrow.

Hunter Hayes, Grammys

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But now that he's a Grammy-recognized artist, fandom is no a whole new level for Haynes.

"Well, yeah I mean, it's hard work that you put behind vocal performances," the actor riffed good-naturedly.

"But I was dying laughing, because people were just congratulating me, so you know me—and me being a smartass, I'm just gonna retweet them. So I retweeted them, and then it somehow caught on, and I was like, 'Oh god.' But yeah. I got myself in trouble again."

Or maybe Arrow just picked up 20,000 more viewers!

Arrow, Colton Haynes, Willa Holland

Jack Rowand/The CW

Then again, it's not as if Haynes' fans don't know that he can sing, too!

The model-actor loaned his talents to New Heights last year for their cover of Dan + Shay's "19 You + Me"—and who wants to bet that the Twitter feedback was off the charts?

And by the way, don't worry about the real Hunter Hayes. Plenty of Twitter love found its way to him last night, no problem.

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