The Blacklist

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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Monday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

The BlacklistTonight's episode was crazy with a capital "C"! In the classic case of the week, Agent Keen, Liz and the rest of the bureau uncovered a corrupt adoption agency that promised parents will be provided with children that meet their specific characteristic requests.

But in a bizarre and horrifying twist, the team discovered that a group of women were being kept in medically induced comas and forced to give birth over and over again, with the creator of the agency as the sperm donor for all 27 babies created. It was like a fertility farm and it was absolutely disgusting. All of the women were freed but we can't even begin to imagine the physiological stress this experience will have on them for the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile, Red finally discovered that Diane Fowler has been the mole this entire time and she performed her devious deeds in order to "protect" Red and to demonstrate to him what she can do and keep him from coming after her, Fitch and co. Homegirl is nuts. Red then shocked us all when he pulled out a gun and shot her. Diana tried to plead for her life claiming that she knew the truth about Red and his family, but red simply replied, "But if you know the truth, Diane, then somebody else does too." He the shot her again and she died on the scene. 

Hart Of DixieIt was all about revealing the truth in Bluebell in tonight's episode of Hat of Dixie. Here's what you need to now: Shelby revealed the truth about the father of her child clarifying that it wasn't a sperm donor, it was a vodka and tequila-fueled one night stand with the Lieutenant Governor of Alabama. So this means that Brick and Shelby are officially dunzo. Joining them on the singles train, was George and Lynly. So how did this happen? Oh no big deal: Lynly just got super crazy jealous and burnt off a huge chunk of Tansy's hair with a curling iron, thus leading George to realize that she's bonkers. And we hate to say it, but it looks like things are officially dead between Zoe and Wade. Please respect our privacy during this difficult time.

How I Met Your Mother: We're still bawling our eyes out over HIMYM's legendary 200th episode. Although it was amazing and answered a ton of questions we suggest you grab a box of tissues first. Get all caught up in our How I Met Your Mother recap to discover The Mother's heartbreaking past. 


The Following

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The Following: Compared to last week's jam-packed season two premiere, tonight's episode was relatively tame—however what is "tame" for The Following is bat sh-t crazy for other series, so we're still going to catch you up: Joe Carroll was still living in the middle of nowhere USA under the alias Daryl, and hiding with a prostitute and her smarter than she looks daughter. When the town's reverend came looking for the slutty mommy and happened to make the connection to who Joe really is, Joe reluctantly—yet happily—tied up the reverend and killed him.

The twins continued their killing rampage and murdered a husband and wife while the family's young son hid in a closet. The twins also spent the entire episode luring Ryan to their crimes and attempted to kill Lilly, the lone subway survivor from last week's attack. Ryan ended up saving Lily, but the same can't be said of her friend. By the end of the episode the twins, and their creepy partner in crime Giselle, discovered that Joe is indeed alive. Let the games begin!

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