Baby Daddy


Lucy Hale is such a little liar!

For the past four years she's been deceiving audiences as the effortlessly chic Aria Montgomery on the smash series Pretty Little Liars and now she's crossing over to the outrageous comedy, Baby Daddy, to weave a brand new web of lies.

The starlet turned country singer will be joining the hilarious hunks of Baby Daddy on an upcoming episode (airing Feb. 5!) and introducing fans to Piper Stockdale, a preacher's daughter who is hiding a secret wild-child lifestyle.

To get you even more excited for this ABC Family crossover, we've snagged you two exclusive featurettes of Lucy lounging around with the cast of Baby Daddy and talking about why she was happy to step away from the dark and dangerous world of Pretty Little Liars for a bit.

"I needed some more testosterone in my life!" Hale revealed with a smile to the stars of the baby-centric comedy, Derek Theler, Tahj Mowry and Jean-Luc Bilodeau. In an interview led by the trio, Lucy explained the differences between working with three hot fellas versus the three hot ladies of PLL. "It's surprisingly not that different. They've still got to go through hair and makeup, there's a lot of catfights," she joked.

So what's it like switching from text message tormentors to working with three wild and crazy boys? Hale gushed that she had the "best time" taking a vacation away from Rosewood.

"Honestly, our show is just so intense and so dramatic and we're working nights and we're running through the woods in heels. I'm not bagging on PLL, it's a great job and I love it, but it's kind of just been nice to do something completely different."

Hale also sat down with star Chelsea Kane for a little gal-pal time to talk about how Aria compares with her new Baby Daddy character, Piper.

"Well, they're both liars, that's for sure," the brunette beauty declared. "On this show I'm a preacher's girl and their wardrobes are completely different, but underneath it all Aria and Piper are both putting up a front on who they are to certain people—then you take that away and they're a different thing. So they're actually, now that I think about it, a lot more similar than I originally thought. Piper is just way more heightened."

Check out our exclusive videos above to see all the wacky questions! Plus, find out what Lucy said when she was asked to match her PLL costars with their Baby Daddy counterparts. Spoiler alert: Derek is Troian Bellisario and you won't believe the hilarious reason why!

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