Sean Lowe, Catherine Lowe, The Bachelor, Catherine Giudici

ABC/Todd Wawrychuk

Fun fact: When Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici said "I do," it was a full-fledged Bachelor miracle.

Not because we had any doubts that they're truly in love. (She cried. He cried. We all cried....Oh shut up, you did, too.) But after 10 years of ABC matchmaking — 17 seasons of The Bachelor and nine seasons of The Bachelorette — only five out of 26 couples are still together. How's that for sad math?

And get this: Sean and Catherine are the very first couple from The Bachelor to tie the knot.


In 17 seasons. And 10 years.

They're like leprechauns riding unicorns as far as the Bachelorverse is concerned.

Still, say what you want about the end results of The Bachelor franchise, but the ratings are still solid, with droves of viewers tuning in each week to see who'll get those prickly little roses—and hot-tub time. It almost doesn't matter that the ABC's track record is a joke, because trying to sleuth out who will "win" and (more importantly) who will cat fight can be such guilty-pleasure fun.

But what happened to all of the other Bachelor and Bachelorette couples? Who are the four other couples that beat the odds? And how fast did the others crash and burn?

Check out our Bachelor and Bachelorette Status Check for the full lowdown!

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