Nowadays, the cops would probably let Keith Urban off with just a warning, don't you think?

But in his tune "Cop Car," about enjoying a date that starts off with a little trespassing, the singer is happy to get busted—and hauled off in the titular vehicle—all for the sake of a romantic, pulse-pounding date with his sweetheart.

And you can watch the exclusive premiere of the brand-new music video for "Cop Car," the recently released third single off of Urban's album Fuse, right here!

"They sure threw those cuffs on quick/ You tried to sweet-talk em'/ They didn't fall for it/ But I did," the New Zealand-born country superstar croons to his lucky girl.

Zach Crowell, Sam Hunt and Matt Jenkins wrote the song and John Urbano directed the video, which shows the willing-to-risk-it couple sneaking into restricted airport territory, and ultimately getting thrown into the back of a cop car, where their love for each other only deepens.

"There are certain songs that are written sort of visually that you can sort of see this whole unfolding," Urban said in a behind-the-scenes clip of the making of the video. "So for me, shooting the video, the challenge for the video was really like anything where people have their own idea of what all this is visually and now we've got to actually give it a look. But at the same time it was incredibly easy to shoot the video. Because it's just…there it is."

The American Idol judge gave a hot, dueling-guitar performance of "Cop Car" at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards last night with Gary Clark Jr.. Urban was also nominated for Best Country Duo/Group Performance with Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift for "Highway Don't Care," off of McGraw's Two Lanes of Freedom.

Keith Urban, Gary Clark Jr., Grammy

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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