Zac Efron, FOX Interview


Talk about awkward!

While walking the red carpet at the NYC premiere of his new film That Awkward Moment, Zac Efron has his own uncomfortable encounter when a reporter asked him a loaded question.

"What is your point of view on living, loving and dating?" Fox News' Michael Tammero asked the 26-year-old actor, who paused and raised an eyebrow before replying, "Sorry, what?"

Tammero reiterated, "What is a twentysomething male point of view on dating, living and loving?"

"Watch the movie," Efron replied curtly.


Efron's That Awkward Moment costars had some less-awkward responses to Tammero's question. "I think it's an important time for yourself," Miles Teller said. "Your twenties, that's a time for self discovery and you really do need to be selfish."

Michael B. Jordon answered, "You just kind of take it as it comes. I think when you look for something, sometimes you're not always going to find it...So hopefully for me, the woman will just reveal herself."

As for Imogene Poots, she dished, "I think people presume that you reach a certain point and suddenly you are ready to become an adult or you adopt an adult perspective. And I think what it shows is you're still figuring a lot of stuff out."

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