Bill Gates, Chess


Maybe Bill Gates should spend less time strategizing moves in the eternal chess match that is Microsoft versus Apple (the iPhone has Candy Crush, so checkmate!) and more time practicing actual chess.

Because Bill's performance in this chess match—against the best chess player in the world—is pathetic. (We can say that because there's no chance we will ever have to prove our own chess prowess against the best chess player in the world. 

Twenty-three-year-old Magnus Carlsen, who has been a "grandmaster" since he was 13, beat the founder of Microsoft in one minute and 19 seconds and using only nine moves. Watch the whole match now:

The match went down on Norwegian TV and the rules were thus: Gates had two minutes to make each move, while Carlsen had only 30 seconds. Not that the rules were too important once the game began—Carlsen barely paused for even a second each time it was his turn. What a brain!

Before they played, Gates said the match had "a predetermined outcome" and then joked that the only time he feels intellectually inadequate is "when I play chess against [Magnus]." 

This is the look of defeat:

Bill Gates GIF

He's smiling because he's still richer than you. (That's $67,000,000,000.)

Meanwhile, Magnus Carlsen, who has been called the "Justin Bieber of chess" celebrated his victory by smoking a bunch of weed, drinking a single beer and drag racing in Miami. (Maybe.)

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