Kristen Stewart, Into The Gloss

Emily Weiss/@IntoTheGloss

Now this is a side of Kristen Stewart we've never seen before—and we absolutely love it!

The actress posed for beauty blog Into the Gloss and opened up on her inner thoughts and feelings when it comes to fashion and beauty.

In short, it's fascinating!

The edgy star admits that when it comes to makeup, she's still struggling to master the art of application, but keeps it simple and adds emphasis on her eyes. 

"I still really don't know how to do my own makeup. I do the same thing every day, if I do my own: mascara and black eyeliner. I'm a bit of a raccoon—I already have dark eyes—so I just make them a little bit darker," she told the blog's founder, Emily Weiss.

Kristen Stewart, Into The Gloss

Emily Weiss/@IntoTheGloss

"There's a pencil that you can get at Topshop that's cheap, so I'll get, like, five of them, and they last forever and they're really, really good. I do both the top and bottom line and then just smudge it with my finger. I don't have a favorite mascara, genuinely. I like it clumpy, though—I'll use anything if it's clumpy, black, and it works. I don't mind it being really cakey and heavy."

And with all of that eye makeup, you'd be interested to know that Stewart doesn't worry herself all that much about removing any of it at night.

"If I'm being responsible, I'll wash my face, but I never take off my eyeliner or my mascara because it looks so good the next day. It's a continuous thing; I think I've never really had clean eyes."

Um, whoa! 

And while we're slightly worried about the health and cleanliness of her eyes, it certainly does seem like Stewart is embracing a more sophisticated style these days.

"If you looked at pictures of me when I was 14 or 15…I looked like a boy, fully. I really like extremes. I wear jeans and t-shirts and am a total tomboy, but at the same time, when I pull out all the stops [for an event], I want to fucking go for it, polarized in the other direction from my reality. Everything Balenciaga makes is beautiful; watching their runway shows is like watching a movie."

Ah, sounds dreamy!

And on that note, K. Stew, we think you're looking lovelier than ever.

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