Zac Efron

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

We bet this bitch was so smug about it too. And by bitch, we mean the literal definition: Bitch (biCH/ noun) 1. a female dog. Then again, we're only assuming this is a girl Chihuahua because she's wearing a tutu. Maybe it's a cross-dressing Chihuahua.

We digress.

Zac Efron looks so adorable kissing this little doggie! And that's not just a peck—that's a lot of tongue! Zac appeared on Univision's Despierta America to promote his movie, That Awkward Moment, when the smooch went down.

What we wouldn't give to be that Chihuahua.

You might have noticed, Zac Efron hanging out with animals has kind of been his thing lately (i.e. those ridiculously cute pictures of him posing with a ridiculously cute kitten). Hey, we don't blame him. We like most animals better than we like most people too. 

Plus, we love looking at pictures of Zac Efron hanging out with animals. Sure, we are jealous of each and every animal and would switch places with all of them in a heartbeat, but we still love looking at the pictures.

So we rounded up our favorite pics in one convenient, aww-worthy gallery. There are a lot of dogs, some adorable kittens and enough wild animals to fill a zoo (you want a kinkajou? We got a kinkajou!). 

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