Ed Sheeran Saves a Kitten and Creates a Twitter for His New Pet—Check Out Graham's First Selfie!

Meet the singer's cute addition to the family!

By Bruna Nessif Jan 23, 2014 11:48 PMTags
Ed Sheeran Kitten TwitterTwitter

Ed Sheeran is just a swell guy.

Along with being a phenomenal singer-songwriter, the 22-year-old English star is a pet rescuer and kitty lover. Sheeran revealed on Twitter that he chose to adopt a kitten after finding out that the furry cutie would be put to sleep if he didn't find a home.

"So basically this one month old kitten was gonna get put down so I adopted him and called him Graham. Just bought Graham a bed and snacks," Sheeran tweeted. Are your hearts melting, too?!

He added, "Graham needs a lot of TLC, have a feeling his previous owners weren't that nice, he's shy too."

Steve Granitz/WireImage

Graham, who goes by the Twitter handle @GrahamShizza, is already very active on the social media website.

His first tweet was simply, "Meow," but followed up with his first of many selfies! "FIRST SELFIE OMG," the caption read. He even got the right angles going!

Graham continued to tweet here and there, keeping his over-26,000 followers up to date on all of his activities. "Watching Spartacus, it's all abit too violent for a young one like me," one tweet read, and even gave fans a glimpse of his kitty digs. "MTV cribs holla at your damn boy." LOL!

Of course, his Twitter wouldn't be complete without a couple of selfies with his new dad and one right before bed, "Night everyone !"

Needless to say, Sheeran's newest addition will be suffocated with love by his pops' bestie Taylor Swift, who tweeted over the weekend, "It is a daily struggle for me to not buy more cats."

Paws! Could there be a kitty couple alert with T.Swift's cat Meredith and Graham in the near future?! That would just be too adorbs.