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"We set out to leave every single character on the show in peril."

Mission accomplished, Sleepy Hollow. Mission freakin' accomplished. We don't know about you, but we're still scrapping the remnants of our jaws off the floor after the Fox hit's epic season one finale, which found Abbie (Nicole Beharie) trapped in purgatory, Ichabod (Tom Mison) buried alive (Worst father-son  reunion ever?), Irving (Orlando Jones) in jail and Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) possibly dead after a major car wreck. Yeah, Sleepy Hollow's finale pretty much redefined the word epic.

In fact, it was so epic that even its star Tom Mison wonders, "How do we build from this finale?" Fortunately, we've got our hands on an exclusive sneak peek at season two, which finds executive producer and writer Mark Goffman teasing the fallout we'll see when the series returns in the fall...

Let's break it down by character, shall we?

Finale Status: After the Sin Eater Henry Parish (John Noble) revealed himself to be Ichabod and Katrina's (Katia Winter) son Jeremy (and also War, the second horseman of the apocalypse), he subjected his father to the same fate he endured at the magic of his mother's coven: buried alive in a coffin.
Season 2: Ichabod is fighting the clock when the series picks up, as Goffman previews, "He's not immortal like his son. He's not a warlock, so Ichabod Crane only has a very brief amount of time that he's going to be able to survive in that coffin without air."

Finale Status: In order to free Katrina from purgatory, someone had to stay behind in her place. Abbie pulled a Katniss and volunteered, finally leading her to face off against Moloch.
Season 2: We hope Abbie packed some fresh underwear because she might be in purgatory for a while. "Katrina was able to survive there for over 200 years," Goffman says. "It'll be really interesting to see what Abbie is like in purgatory." But she won't be alone as Goffman says "unlikely people" will come to her aid.

Finale Status: He's locked up and they won't let him out! The Captain confessed the murders of Father Boland and Devon Jones in order to protect his daughter.
Season 2: Something tells us Irving won't be donning an orange jumpsuit for very long. "He and his friends, his powerful friends, are going to have to figure out how to get him out of that mess," Goffman teases. "He's got a couple of clues that are going to help him come back."

Finale Status: After learning who Henry really was, Jenny was on her way to warn Abbie when Headless shot at her while she was driving, causing her car to flip over. Last we saw, Jenny was unconscious and not looking so good.
Season 2: You can all breathe a sigh of relief as it sounds like Jenny will live to fight the apocalypse another day. Goffman says, "She's going to need some real help getting out of that car. Hopefully she's going to do it in time to help the rest of our characters."

To hear more scoop on season two, and to learn what Mison is excited to see, watch our exclusive clip, "envisioning season two," above!

Sleepy Hollow returns to Fox in the fall.

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