Justin Bieber, Roy Black

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Justin Bieber's attorney is surely hoping to help the singer in court, but don't expect him to front the pop star's next Grammy campaign.

The 19-year-old pop star's attorney Roy Black spoke to the media following Bieber's release from jail this afternoon after the "Baby" crooner was arrested for DUI in Miami early this morning after being pulled over for drag racing.

"At this particular time I'm not going to make any comment about the case except to say obviously that Mr. Bieber's been released on bail," Black, who is married to Real Housewives of Miami star Lea Black said. "Both the state and I agree that the standard bail would apply in this case. They have not asked for any increase bail because of his popularity or fame. And I think this case hopefully will proceed as any other case in the system."  

After posting $2,500 bail, the pop star, who was seen sporting a large black hoodie, exited the Miami-Dade County Jail, where he proceeded to hop on top of his SUV and wave to the throng of fans before he was driven away from the facility. He currently remains in Miami, but will be returning to L.A. as soon as possible, according to a source.

Black is perhaps most famous for getting William Kennedy acquitted of rape charges in 1991 and his other notable clients include Joe Francis, Kelsey Grammer and Rush Limbaugh.

But despite the fact that he's previously represented high-profile celebs (and his wife is a bona fide Bravo star!), the 68-year-old attorney still can't name a Justin Bieber song (apparently, he's been out when it comes to pop culture until Team Bieber called).

"I will have to take the fifth on that," he said when asked if he could name a Justin Bieber song. "However, I'm sure it's excellent."

Following the Biebs' release from jail, a source told E! News that "everyone around him is urging him to seek help," while a second added, "There is massive concern right now. The concern is, We have to figure this out. We have to fix this and do whatever it takes. They think the problem is the people he is hanging out with. He has some issues to work on."

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