Oreo Announces New Flavors: Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy! And We Taste Tested Them for You

Oreo teamed with Tegan and Sara to announce the newest additions to their wonderfilled flavors

By John Boone Jan 23, 2014 10:38 PMTags
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After Watermelon Oreos made a splash last summer (some people loved 'em, some said they were a monstrosity—it was a whole thing), Oreo has announced their new flavor...


Just kidding! Oreo's new flavors are Cookie Dough (like cookie dough) and Marshmallow Crispy (like a Rice Krispie Treat, but not trademarked by Kellogg's). The new cookies will hit shelves in February, but a few fans can try them first: Keep your eyes pealed for a "top secret hashtag" in Oreo's new commercial, airing during the Grammys.

Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy probably won't cause as much outrage as Watermelon ("Watermelon Oreos?? What the f--k is wrong with the world?"), but any new flavor is exciting.

We got our hands on the new flavors and we tasted them so you don't have to (but you should, they're Oreos!). Twenty-or-so E! Online employees tried the cookies at the office and here are some notes from the taste test:

Cookie Dough:

  • "Tastes more like mocha, not cookie dough. Definitely the better of the two."
  • "Too rich for my blood. And this comes from someone who would eat an entire jar of Marshmallow Fluff."
  • "Filling tastes syrupy and way too sweet. Not like cookie dough, either."
  • "Ironically tastes like the toasted marshmallow Jelly Bean."
  • "I thought it was supposed to be some type of mocha/coffee flavored Oreo at first.‬"
  • "Tastes like a normal Oreo, which isn't a bad thing."
  • "More chocolately than cookie dough-y, but it definitely has cookie dough aftertastes."

And from one E! employee who has a lot of feelings about Oreos: "When you bite it with the cookie part, it basically tastes like a burnt chocolate chip cookie. But if you just lick the filling out (and why wouldn't you?) and don't eat it with the cookie part, it's actually a pretty good facsimile of chocolate chip cookie dough...They should've taken out the little bits they put in cookie dough ice cream, smashed them between two cookies and called it double stuffed. There, I fixed it. You're welcome, Nabisco." 

Verdict: It's a solid mocha-flavored cookie. It's a solid coffee-flavored cookie. Hey, it's even a solid chocolate-flavored cookie. But can cookie dough flavor translate to a cooked cookie? Think about it. Also, cannibalism much?

Marshmallow Crispy:

  • "I'm usually wary of any cookie that isn't brown and thus not chocolate, but it tasted pleasant enough. It kind of tasted like straight vanilla frosting. But damn if I didn't enjoy those crunchy things in the middle."
  • "Totally smells like a Rice Krispy Treat but it mostly just tastes exactly like their other vanilla Oreos."
  • "Kind of tastes like Lucky Charms. Way too sweet for me. I need chocolate in my Oreo."
  • "Tasted like the real deal—pretty much just like a Rice Krispy Treat."
  • "The yellow one was kinda good."
  • "Rice Krispie treat that was eaten by a cow, milked out, frozen and packaged as astronaut food."

Our E! employee with the feelings: "First off all, this should be called Marshmallow Crispies. Convenience snacks can taste good and have proper grammar. It kinda tastes like chemical marshmallow fluff and also slightly stale vanilla frosting from a can—neither of which are necessarily bad things. Also basically like vanilla Oreos. Also something else that I can't pinpoint because I didn't follow proper spittoon technique before tasting."

Verdict: Definitely the better of the two! Half of the tasters said it did indeed taste like a Rice Krispy Treat Marshmallow Crispy, while the other half said it skewed vanilla. One employee noted, "They should have used chocolate cookies like a S'more."