Mean Girls Performed by Kittens Is the Only Video You Need to Watch Today

Pet Collective is back at it again with a furry reenactment of the Lindsay Lohan classic

By Jenna Mullins Jan 23, 2014 6:33 PMTags
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Regarding the title, what we really meant to say was: This is the only video you need to watch today…unless there is some video of Justin Bieber crying in his prison cell or something. But even then, this Pet Collective video of Mean Girls reenacted by kittens is pretty outstanding.

The group that brought us Elf and The Lion King in cat form has come up big once again with the Tina Fey-Lindsay Lohan classic. And we're going to make a real bold statement here: This might be their best cat parody yet.

All the best moments from the film are there, but tweaked in the most adorable fashion. For example, Karen Smith's character asks "Catty" that if she's from Africa, why isn't she a lion? Gretchen's cat counterpoint obviously jumps in and insists you can't just ask people why they aren't lions.

Damian is "too gray to function" and the girl at the end of the movie just wants to bake a cake out of "rainbows and catnip" so everyone could eat it and be happy. And everyone knows what Damian says to that. Hopefully you are shouting it out loud right now

Watch the kitten masterpiece below and be sure to comment on which movie they should do next by heading to their website. We're voting for Avatar. It will be nine hours long.