Justin Bieber, Mugshot

While Justin Bieber supporters are busy Instagramming their pop star's mug shot and choosing what filter to use to really bring out the color of his prison outfit (hashtag #FreeBieber, y'all!), people who are huge fans of his arrest are having a big ol' party on the Internet.

Almost immediately after the news hit that the Canadian singer was arrested for driving under the influence, resisting arrest, driving with an expired license and continually making us look at his boxers by wearing saggy pants, the Internet did what it always does best. And nothing is faster than the Internet's reaction to a scandal. If we could somehow harness that speedy power into an energy source, we could solve the world's energy crisis in no time.

Anyway, for your perusal, this is how the World Wide Web reacted to Bieber's arrest:

Justin Bieber Arrest Memes


"There is no Bieber, only Zuul."

Justin Bieber Arrest Memes


Way to go, Florida!

Justin Bieber Arrest Memes


Because Valentine's Day is right around the corner!

Orange Is the New Bieber

Justin Bieber Arrest Memes


Step aside, Adam Levine.

The truth hurts.

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