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Scott Disick is a lord, and if he wants to give the world a glimpse of his royal endowment, well, that's within the scope of his power.

In a Mobio Insider Q&A Wednesday, Jan. 22, Kourtney Kardashian's love joked (key word here, dolls) he might "start walking around with my penis hanging out of my pants just to see if it starts a trend."

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 30, also revealed he gets his "sense of style" from "Myself, who else?"

So will there ever be a Lord Disick clothing line for us commoners? "Yes," Scott wrote, "and hopefully soon."

Werk. Now, when asked what it's like to be such a regal figure, Scott replied, with typical deadpan delivery, "It's not bad, I must say." He explained to another fan that reigning as the lord just feels "very royal."

Incidentally, Mason and Penelope's dad is ready to take over the throne! When asked when he "will replace the royal family," the lord answered glibly, "Sooner the better." (Prince William and Kate Middleton, no need to worry on this one—Bible.)

Lord Disick went on to call "Billionaires" his "biggest inspiration," confirm he likes his cars more than his watches, and explain that his ascots are custom made. But, when asked what he loves most about Kourtney, Scott dropped the bravado, answering sweetly, "Everything luckily."

Aww. Bow down, y'all!

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