AGT, America's Gog Talent Cast, Harry Connick Jr.


Confession: We can't get enough of Harry Connick Jr.

It's hard to imagine that the singer's perfect hair, charming smile, and helpful criticism could be on any other show besides American Idol—but apparently another reality competition was also vying for Harry's affections. 

So what show was it? The X Factor, The Voice, or The Sing-Off? The answer is… D) None of the above! NBC's head of alternative and late night programming, Paul Telegdy revealed that the powers-that-be at America's Got Talent were courting Connick to join the series as a judge, The TV Page reports. 

"We always had our eye out for him as a judge on America's Got Talent," Telegdy explained to TV Page in an interview earlier this week. "He turned us down. We know he is a player. He is a great musician." Telegdy revealed that the main issue with locking Harry down as an ATG judge was "timing."

Although we believe that each and every reality show would want Harry on their panel of judges, (Have you heard his laugh? Swoon!) Connick gave us a slightly different answer when we caught up with him last week at the TCA press tour.

When asked if the Lousianna native has ever been asked to do another reality series, Connick said to a small group of reporters, "No….I mean, maybe something out of the country but not here." Hmm, interesting!

We imagine that Harry was merely acting like a southern gentleman when answering this question and not wanting to divulge to the world that he turned down another reality competition in favor of Idol. Based on how awesome he is—and the fact that he's going to save American Idol—we can only assume now that he has been asked for all the reality competition shows in this country and around the world!

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