Shia LaBeouf Explains Plagiarism Drama: My Twitter Is "Meta-Modernist Performance Art"

Actor has been venting on Twitter as of late

By Lily Harrison Jan 22, 2014 10:38 PMTags
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Shia LaBeouf's strange Twitter antics reached a new high earlier this week.

The actor posted two lengthy posts justifying his plagiarism and calling his Twitter "meta-modernist performance art," before deleting them shortly thereafter.

In the first post, titled "Twitter As Art #stopcreating," he addressed the problem with American artwork and claims that "we are becoming a cut and paste society."

"My Twitter @thecampaignbook is…a performative redress which is all a public apology really is," he explained. "All art is either plagiarism or revolution…My use of Twitter started a broad cultural discussion that needs to be had about plagiarism in the digital age & celebrity/social media absurdity.

"Intentionally oscillating between, hope and doubt, sincerity and irony, knowingness and naivety, construction and deconstruction. I addressed the world."

But his rant didn't end there…

"Risking my public representative's skin to prove my platitudes. I embarked on a journey full of the informed naivety of a magical realism," he wrote.

"My actions here are only as interesting as the conversations that come about as a result of them. The fact that they were started at all is a positive thing. Thank you. I'm sorry – Shia."

If only that cleared things up.

His second post was a lengthy list of what performance art is and what qualifies a performance artist.

"Performance a#RTists should suffer. From suffering comes the best work. Suffering brings transformation. Through this suffering an artist transcends their spirit," was one of the key items listed.

The final point in Shia's art checklist? "Berlin is a funeral," because, well...why not.

And in case you forgot, he's been repeatedly tweeting that he's "not famous anymore" on his Twitter page.