Candy Crush

Candy Crush has been called many things: Infuriating! Addictive! "So fun! Oh look how fun!" (that last one was your mom). But never evil. Well, actually, it probably has been called evil. Level 350 is evil and also impossible. 

But, the company behind Candy Crush Saga, has recently been framed as a "bully" of sorts, after trademarking the very common and not at all unique word "Candy" for all video games (and clothing). Now, Apple is taking all other titles using "Candy" to task

King has also apparently filed suit against another company who used the word "Saga" in their title. It's worth noting here that Candy Crush Saga is basically just Bejeweled mixed with Candy Land, so those in glass houses probably shouldn't throw a striped candy mixed with a wrapped candy that makes a giant striped candy. 

So is the company behind Candy Crush evil? Whose to say? But these candies are evil. Now take our quiz to figure out which one you are: Are you a licorice swirl? Are you a time bomb? Are you—say it isn't so—chocolate?!

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